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Hello, and thank you for considering my services! I have been a Home Inspector for a little over 5 years now. I had 2 years previous experience as a Realtor.  That experience helps me to understand not only the buyer's needs, but the buying agents need for a clear and concise report with a quick turnaround and that is easy to understand. I also offer several services, so you can you spend less time looking for different inspectors and more time on planning your move!

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Wood Destroying Insect Inspection 
starting at $55.00

WDI Inspections are typically required for all VA loans. WDI inspections are also recommended for any home purchase, as termites and other wood destroying insects can cause extensive damage that cannot be seen until it is too late. 

Sewer Drain Inspections 
starting at $150.00

Sewer drain inspections offer a more in depth inspection of your underground drain leading from your home to the sewer. A home inspection does not include inspecting underground drains. A sewer camera is utilized to check your main drain, which can be damaged without you knowing until it is too late. Sewer drain inspections look for clogs, breaks, and tree roots. This inspection is worth the money for the peace of mind offered, even on new home constructions (drains can be damaged by heavy equipment rolling over the ground above the drain).


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